Workout Extension Competion
April 29, 2024
Myoung XUE - Zepp Health

Competition Introduction

This competition aims to encourage developers to create practical and innovative workout extension plugins, create value for users, and welcome developers from all over the world to participate.

"Workout Extension" is a new feature of Zepp OS 3.5, which extends the functionality of the "Workout" application in the form of a plug-in, aiming to enhance the user experience in sports.


This feature allows developers to use the Zepp OS JS API to create "Workout Extension" plugins, providing users with more features in "Workout" applications, including but not limited to workout data, workout charts, Compass, sports peripherals, sports camera controllers and other applications.

Workout Extension has the following core values:

  1. Customizability
  • Personalized UI design : Developers can take advantage of the powerful widget capabilities of Zepp OS to draw and customize views with complete freedom.
  • Exclusive sports data combination : Developers can design and choose the displayed data combination according to their personal sports type and preferences, making the interface more tailored to the needs of specific sports.
  • Instant feature expansion : Users can add new workout features to the device without the need for over-the-air (OTA) technology.
  1. Real-time and rich sports data
  • Real-time key indicator monitoring : During exercise or training, users can monitor key indicators such as heart rate, speed, and distance in real-time, which helps them adjust exercise intensity and strategy in a timely manner to optimize training effectiveness.
  • In-depth high-level Data Analysis : Provide higher-level and multi-dimensional sports data to help users deeply understand their sports performance and further improve sports skills and performance.
  1. Functional scalability
  • Bluetooth connectivity capability : Smartwatches can connect with external devices such as cadence sensors to obtain more comprehensive data, thereby enhancing the accuracy and depth of motion analysis.
  • Network Function : (Note: This function is not yet open) In the future, smartwatches will be able to use network connections to synchronize data in real time to the cloud for more complex data processing and analysis.

Information on the technical part

Workout extension technical documents have not been officially released yet. Developers are requested to visit the website with the domain name docs-testing.

    • The emulator for the above five devices has not been officially released yet. Developers need to use the beta version of the emulator. The emulator test code is 1714050991
    • How to get the test emulator please refer to the document

Note: The workout extension can be tested on the latest version of OTA's Balance device. If equipment is needed, it can be borrowed from official personnel (very limited quantity).


Register as a Zepp OS developer, join the developer community and complete the registration form to successfully register for the competition.

1. Register as a Zepp OS developer

Register a Zepp account and log in to Zepp Console

2. Join Developer community

3. Submit Registration form

Competition requirements, procedures, and award settings

Entry requirements:

  • It must be a free app
  • The workout extension of the round screen device must support Cheetah Pro, Cheetah (Round), T-Rex Ultra, and Falcon devices

The competition has a total of 40 awards, with prizes of $50 Amazon Gift Card, which is equivalent to Card in China.

The competition is divided into two stages. In the first stage, there are 30 awards, and in the second stage, there are 10 awards(Now adjusted to 25). Multiple Zepp Health professional judges will score the participating applications and calculate the final score. The top 30 participating applications in the first stage can win awards, and in the second stage, the top 25 participating applications can win awards.

We do not limit the number of app submissions for a single developer.

  • Registration start date: April 29, 2024
  • First stage competion
    • Work submission time 5.1 - 5.31
    • Review period 6.1 - 6.14
    • Award announcement time 6.15 - 6.30
  • Second stage competion
    • Work submission time 6.1 - 7.31
    • Review period 8.1 - 8.14
    • Award announcement time 8.15 - 8.31


  1. All dates are based on Pacific Time.
  2. The first stage of the competition has been a complete success and has entered the second stage. The rules have been slightly adjusted, and the second stage does not require free applications, and the number of awards has increased to 25.

Selection criteria

The Zepp Health professional judge examines from the following dimensions.

  • Product design (30%)
    • Whether the application meets the needs of sports health and whether the function is complete
    • Does the work provide a novel solution?
  • User Experience (30%)
    • Application usability, interface design, and user interaction
  • Technology (20%)
    • Technology Implementation Quality, Operational Performance
    • Technical complexity
  • Screen adaptation (20%)
    • If the work supports both round and square screen devices, you can get this bonus point

Other notes

  • The intellectual property rights of all entries belong to the participants, but the organizer has the right to use these works in promotion and display.
  • Participants should abide by relevant laws and regulations and must not submit works that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.
  • The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of the competition rules.

Contact details

Please contact us in the Zepp OS community.