Competition Winners Announced


Competition Winners Announced

2022 is the birth year of Zepp OS's Developer Ecosystem. From April 2022, Zepp OS teams initiated and launched its developer ecosystem, starting from zero to a growing 600+ external developers community. Our developer community continues bringing diversed users to build a variety of usability, practicality and fun applications to help users live a better life.

Below are the best apps in different categories selected by the Zepp OS team from hundreds of apps, as well as developers who excel in the community in the year of 2022. Congratulations to these winners, trailblazers, and our entire Zepp OS developer community! We can't wait to see what you build next.

Most Popular Developer

Notify for Maps was one of the very first new apps developed by our external developer Matteo Chinello in 2022, when we launched the first year of Zepp OS Developers' Ecosystem.

With the notification in place to support Android mobile devices, users have spoken about their love of using this app via the highest download. Mateo Chinello is one of the top developers in the Zepp OS Developers' Ecosystem.

     Zepp OS ecosystem allows outside developers like me to develop third-party apps to be installed on Zepp smartwatches. This opens up a vast array of possibilities for customization and innovation, making it possible to tailor the watch to end-users' specific needs and preferences. The developer-friendly approach allows me to create new features, integrations, and functionalities that can be used by other users, making it a great community to be a part of. Additionally, the hardware of the watch is also excellent, it has a sleek and modern design, with a variety of features such as fitness tracking, voice assistants, and battery-long life. The combination of great hardware and the potential for limitless software features makes these smartwatches truly stand out in the market. I am excited to continue to be a part of the Zepp OS developer ecosystem and look forward to seeing what new developments come along.

Matteo Chinello

Most Productive Developer

This app development team has managed to produce 10 productivity-related apps during our three-month-duration of global online hackathon in 2022. These apps are very pragmatic and useful for many Zepp OS users.

          I was attracted to ZeppOS smartwatches mainly by their long battery life, quality, and the possibility of installing additional apps. Once I learned there was a possibility to create third-party apps, I joined the developers' community. I was surprised by the high level of dedication that ZeppOS teams provide to developers, which made app development much more manageable. They are willing to hear the developer's opinions and have greatly improved the development tools and Zepp OS framework capabilities. We participated in the online hackathon, where our team won the first prize. This recognition made as more motivated to be a part of this growing community.
We are looking forward to learning more about the new capabilities that newer smartwatch models will offer in the future.

Best App Category


The Best Health App Developer

Zepp OS decided to leave 2022 The Best Overall App Developer category empty because we want to see more people compeiting this overall category. The winning criteria is to have a successful enterprise app for practical use with a high positive impact on human health. Therefore, there are no winners in this health category this time, and we look forward to better applications in the coming 2023.

Unit Converter

2022 Best Tooling App Developer

This app developer helps users to complete the work and life of commonly used unit conversion, supports 11 categories, more than 140 units of conversion, simple and intuitive operation, to meet the basic needs of users, is a simple and easy to use gadget.

        For me, Zepp is of great significance. It ensures the long battery life of wearable devices while taking into account the application ecology, avoiding the choice between intelligence and battery life; the lightweight development framework not only adapts to the lightweight usage scenarios of wearable devices, but also greatly reduces the technical threshold. From the gradual attempt driven by interest to the completion of Mini Programs, every step I take, I can feel the joy and sense of achievement shared with others. Here, I would like to thank the Zepp OS team for their enthusiastic support and other developers who assist each other in the communication group!


Snake Game

2022 Best Gaming App Developer

Snake Game was a viral mini-app game inside the Zepp OS community. It is easily understood that its popularity contains the fun and complex thinking behind such gaming design and its logic.

        As a third-party developer, I love the Zepp OS platform as it provides a robust set of tools and resources for building and integrating new applications. The platform's open architecture and support for JavaScript allows for flexibility and creativity in development. Additionally, the active community of developers working with Zepp OS can provide valuable support and resources for building and promoting our applications.


Best Community Contributors

The first year of Zepp OS Developer Ecosystem saw a lot of support from a variety of community members, not just developers. They and other community contributors showed their dedication to the ecosystem's success, and their contributions should not be overlooked. They are a testament to the power of a supportive and engaged community in driving progress and growth.

Aydın Olgun

This award is given to a community contributor who always believes in us by providing the most constructive feedback and actively participating in all the conversations with us for the past year during our Zepp OS Developers' Community. He was willing to volunteer to be our most active tester, but he also managed to open the most bugs for our development teams and improved our overall products.   

          Amazfit Falcon I use in all my sports activities; It is a multi-sports watch that I trust in GPS accuracy, its battery withstands long hours of training, allows me to load the training routes I created before and complete the deserted mountain rides safely, provides training motivation with external sensor connection support and music in the watch memory.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


FWZ233 is currently a college student. He released the first JS app in the Zepp OS system, and has developed 8 additional JS Apps. He loves sharing his knowledge of helping developers, both on GitHub and many open source knowledge sharing platforms, so that more developers can participate in the Zepp OS App development. He is also very active in the Chinese developer community, helping with the enrichment of Zepp OS App Development as an external developer.

          My belief in a healthy developer ecosystem can not and should not be built by one person, one company or some groups. It is a whole community combined with diverse-background developers with a consensus, and based on the open source projects they share to build a variety of software services to benefit most users. I will continue to contribute to the open source community to bring such dynamic application development to benefit everyone if possible.

Best Partner

EID is one of the partners of Zepp OS.  This team always positively cooperates and communicates smoothly with the Zepp OS team.  For the past 23 years of partnership, EID has collaborated with Zepp with 51 Java Script applications, enriching the variety and quantity of app stores, especially the Mini Programs that complement health and sports, helping users stay healthy and enjoy themselves more.

            EID is honored to be one of the eco-co-creative user developers of Huami ZEPP OS. At the beginning, the shallow perception of ZEPP OS was an application development tool, but immersed in it and found that ZEPP OS creates a focus on user health, based on the microkernel to create a lightweight solution for health needs, helping developers to realize every product dream. Along with ZEPP OS diversified and open, all-inclusive product development concept and system rapid iteration perfection, EID will continue to develop more and better products, all people can customize the development of ZeppOS system in the future there will be more new ways to play, let us look forward to!


Most Supportive Member

As a non-developer in the developer community, Dakota has been the biggest voice to speak on behalf of our developer ecosystem. He counsels at UMMC helps drive our early development efforts of this year.

            As someone who is not a developer by trade, I am very thankful for the Zepp OS Developer program. The team within the Zepp OS Developer Ecosystem is very patient, helpful, and kind. They are consistently encouraging me to learn and try new ways to develop great digital products.

Dakota Bibbs


Welcome to our new Zepp OS website.  Many buttons have been disabled because we are building something amazing for you.  Come to visit us more frequently to discover any newly updated website.  That is right!  We are LIVE and AGILE!

Welcome to our new Zepp OS website.  Many buttons have been disabled because we are building something amazing for you.  Come to visit us more frequently to discover any newly updated website.  That is right!  We are LIVE and AGILE!

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